About the product

The mother who raised her baby developed the cushions herself. She used them for her baby for two years and sold them. Cushions prevent babies from throwing up after feeding and help baby’s digest. Babies lying on the cushion feel so comfortable than lying on the floor. Once babies starts using cushions, they becomes addicted to them. The Rototo Cushions make perfect place for newborns to kick and coo in comfort and provide hands-free moments for parents. They are lifesavers for moms and dads. The Rototo Cushions are very popular in Korea and must-have item for newborns. We have more than 100,000 buyers' reviews.

Rippled polyester

The cover is a rippled polyester. Polyester is good for use on hot days because it absorbs sweat quickly and exudes perspiration fast. Also the fiber has ripple so it is well ventilated. The fabric has passed a hazardous substance test. No Formaldehyde. No Fluorescent material.

100 % Cotton

100% natural fiber, with good sweat absorption and low static electricity.

It is a fabric loved by everyone because it feels soft.